Greg Mueller Attorney in Webster Groves

1.            $600,000 Settlement – Auto Accident – Uninsured Motorist Claim


Before trial, Greg Mueller and the Mueller Law Practice, LLC, obtained a settlement over $600,000 in a fiercely contested uninsured motor vehicle claim.  From this disputed accident, our client sustained a traumatic spinal fracture of his C4-5, with a C5 nerve root compression caused by bone fragment.  Even though our client had a remarkable recovery and returned to work without restriction, our firm obtained a pre-trial SETTLEMENT over 12x’s his medical expenses, all within 24 months of the date of accident.

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2.            University Professor of Law


Gregory Mueller, JD, of the Mueller Law Practice, LLC, has been hired as an adjunct professor of law at Maryville University.  Dr. Mueller teaches “Criminal Law and Procedure,” as well as co-teaching the highly acclaimed “Murder to Trial” seminar.  Dr. Mueller is a practicing attorney with nearly 30 years of litigation experience in Missouri and Illinois, including an appearance before the Missouri Supreme Court. Learn more about Attorney Greg Mueller



3.            Policy Limits Settlement – Uninsured Motorist Claim


                Our client was involved in a complicate 4 car collision with contested liability and conflicting statements of how the accident occurred.  Still, Greg Mueller and the Mueller Law Practice, LLC, obtained a policy limits settlement from uninsured motorist coverage.

                Our client traveling southbound on a major thoroughfare in the City of St. Louis, when he was rear-ended by an uninsured motorist, following a complicated chain of accidents.  Because of the first impact, our client was then pushed forward into the vehicle in front of him, thereby sustaining a second impact.   An MRI found  spinal cord compression at C6-7.  The orthopedic surgeon performed an anterior decompression and fusion.  Even with denials of coverage, Greg Mueller and the Mueller Law Practice, LLC, obtain a settlement of over $200,000, plus medical payments coverage.



4.            $150,000 Settlement – Slip and Fall – elbow injury


                Our client slip and fell on a public walkway platform.  The owner denied all liability and refused all settlement negotiations.  But Attorney Greg Mueller and the Mueller Law Practice, LLC, successfully argued that defects created a dangerous condition that the owner failed to warn of or make safe.



                Our attorneys argued that the owners failed to use reasonable care to remove, remedy, and warn of the dangerous condition on the property and maintain it in a reasonably safe condition for the public, including our client.  Our client underwent right radial head replacement surgery with 3 implanted stem modular radial screws She tolerated the procedure as well as can be expected.  After months of litigation, our clients obtained a settlement of $150,000.



5.            Confidential POLICY LIMITS settlement


                Greg Mueller and the Mueller Law Practice, LLC, obtained a CONFIDENTIAL policy limits settlement for a rear-end auto accident.  Our client sustained a closed head injury with cognitive deficits as well as “Right Shoulder Impingement,” with right extremity radiculopathy.  While the insurance company denied that the accident caused the injury (in part because our client was an Army Veteran with pre-existing injuries, our firm obtain a confidential POLICY LIMITS settlement.



6.            Worker’s Compensation Settlement – Amputation Injury


                At the time of the incident, our client was prototyping a vacuum motor into a new product design.  The new motors increase speed, pressure, and eliminate any leaks of any kind.  But the new design failed during experimentation, causing an immediate amputation injury to our claimant.


                With medical and engineering experts, Greg Mueller and the Mueller Law Practice, LLC, proved that our client was doing the work that only an experienced engineer would or could be performing, and obtained the most favorable settlement before trial available.



7.            “He is the best!”  In our clients’ own words:


RECOMMENDED:  5 out of 5 stars, submitted on 06/19/18 in Personal Injury:


Mr Mueller is an awesome attorney and went above the call of duty on numerous occasions. He is caring, compassionate, easy to communicate with, was always on top my case, kept me advised about where we were in the case, and worked hard with the other parties to secure a great settlement, I would use him again and highly recommend him to anyone that wants a honest, hard working attorney that treats you with respect and compassion and will get the job done quickly and efficiently. He is the best!

8.            “One of the best lawyers in the business!”


Recommended    5.0/5.0

Submitted on 05/02/18 in Automobile Accidents


He is hands down one of the best lawyers in the business. I have used him twice now. Both times he has exceeded my expectations. He is always there to answer your call, always gave updates, commutation one of the best. Helps you to understand what is happening and how to proceed. I knew every step of the way that I was in good hands. Would never use anyone else again as long as he practicing law!!! This attorney know his job well and the insurance companies know he does not play. Thanks Mr. Mueller!!!



9.            “He is the best and there is none better in the St. Louis area.”  


Excellent Attorney 5.0 stars out of 5.


Posted by Taylor, June 19, 2018


Although I had contacted several other attorney’s, for various reasons I didn’t retain them. After speaking with Mr Mueller about my case and retaining him, he gave me the respect and compassion I needed at the time. During the entire process, Mr Mueller was always there for me, treating me like family, making sure I was ok and I understood what was going on in my case. Mr Mueller went above the call of duty on numerous occasions including answering questions about other matters unrelated to my case. He was always very professional, friendly, easy to communicate with, compassionate, caring and always there if needed. I am very thankful I found Mr Mueller and would hire him again in a heartbeat if the need arose. He worked and fought very hard on my case to get a very good settlement for me. I highly recommend him and would recommend anyone that wants a great attorney to go with Mr Mueller, he is the best and there is none better in the St Louis area.

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Chapter 7 in Chicago, IL Lawyers and the Law

Personal Bankruptcy is maybe the best-known type of this financial obligation alleviation. We are Chicago bankruptcy attorneys attorneys. So what is Chapter 7 Bankruptcy? Is it for people or services? Is there a very easy method to understand if this type of debt security is needed? Even more to the point, what will Chapter 7 remove and also exactly what properties will be lost?
Exactly what is Chapter 13 Bankruptcy and why consult chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney Chicago?
Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is the means whereby both individuals and some organisations could get rid of most debt. It is usually described as “clean slate” bankruptcy since practically all financial obligation is eliminated. Bankruptcy defense is among the legal rights guaranteed under the USA Constitution. It was consisted of in the founding document from an understanding of debt. The founding fathers recognized how financial debt was frequently used in England to force individuals right into a form of enslavement called indentured yoke. By including the right to declare insolvency, all citizens are provided security versus such. To learn more about Chicago bankruptcy lawyers please click the link.
Can a Service Declare Personal Bankruptcy Defense?
Both companies as well as people can declare Personal bankruptcy protection, but many organisations do not. The factor is basic: If an organisation declare this form of bankruptcy, the business must be shut. In many cases, the individual filing for bankruptcy on business will not want losing their only methods of income. So whereas a business could submit Chapter 7, few do.
Instead, most businesses will certainly apply for either Personal bankruptcy. These forms are used for restructuring and also the far better handling of debt.
Exactly what is a Bankruptcy Suggests Test?
The Federal Federal government has actually established a Method Test to help any person considering bankruptcy gain a clearer understanding about their economic circumstance. The test takes into consideration the dimension of family and the revenue initially. If revenue goes beyond the state mean based upon the amount of individuals reside in the home, after that additional forms need to be finished. Taken with each other, these forms will assist anyone understand whether filing Chapter 7 is both viable and also suggested.
When customers come to Gregory K. Stern, P.C. Bankruptcy as well as Repossession Attorneys for Chicago, they are recommended similarly. Naturally, the Bankruptcy Means Examination given by the U. S. Division of Justice Judiciaries system can be complex. That is why we offer a complimentary examination to customers.
What Happens to Retired life Finances and Survivor Perks?
Among the biggest problems over declare Chapter 7 Bankruptcy includes possessions. The possessions that several voice concern over are retired life funds and comparable forms of earnings. Both the state of Illinois as well as the Federal federal government supply exemptions which shield specific properties, consisting of most retired life funds. Complying with are a few of the Federal possession exceptions …
• Social security repayments
• Railroad retired life
• CIA, Civil Service, and Army retired life
• Experts Advantages
• Three-quarters of overdue yet gained income
• Survivor benefits for military workers, courts, and Court Directors
The state of Illinois safeguards the pensions of state and also city government employees. In addition, the adhering to personal effects is excused from asset seizure:
• As much as $15,000 worth of real property per person (condo, mobile home, co-op, ranch).
• Personal injury recuperations not going beyond $7500.
• Personal automobile as much as $1200 worth.
• Special needs advantages.
• Life insurance policy and annuities (limitations apply).
• Shared section of an organisation collaboration.
• Child support.
• Alimony.
• Devices and also other things made use of as part of a profession valued approximately $750.
• Wild Card = approximately $2000 worth of personal property.
If partners declare Chapter 7 Bankruptcy collectively, all figures are increased.
Are There Alternatives to Declaring PersonalBankruptcy?
There are alternatives to filing for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. At Gregory K. Stern, P.C. Bankruptcy as well as Foreclosure Attorneys for Chicago, we will explore all options with you. Whether alternatives will serve in your case or not we could assess. Some of the alternatives consist of discussing with lenders on your behalf to either get to a settlement or far better regards to payment. One more might be declaring Personal restructuring of debt. Furthermore, if you are encountering litigation by a lender, we will certainly more than happy to represent you.
Our workplace lies at 53 West Jackson Boulevard, Collection 1442, Chicago, Illinois 60604. Our number is …
Other Inquiries Individuals Ask …
Exist various type of bankruptcy?
There are several kinds of bankruptcy. The varying Phases are sorted inning accordance with the kind of entity entailed. For instance, there is a type for ranch owners and anglers, municipalities/local governments, an additional when international entities are included, one especially for huge firms, and extra. At Gregory K. Stern, P.C. Bankruptcy as well as Foreclosure Attorneys for Chicago we focus on Chapter 7, 11, and 13.
Exactly what is Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?
Chapter 7 is the most recent form of bankruptcy. It was established in 2005 as part of the Bankruptcy Misuse Avoidance and Consumer Defense Act and covers Ancillary/Cross-Border Instances. The objective is to offer the devices should implement personal bankruptcies involving events outside the jurisdiction of the USA.
Exactly what is Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?
Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is a kind of financial obligation restructuring or reorganization. It is referred to as Individual Financial debt Adjustment due to the fact that as opposed to discharge all financial debts, the debts are restructured at the order of the court. Therefore financial institutions need to follow the terms set. Usually speaking, Personal is used when the person declare bankruptcy works as well as has a steady earnings.
How Long Does it Consider Bankruptcy Process to be Finished?
Once all the required info is gathered, filing may occur. So typically, within a couple of days the case might be opened. Obviously, if there is an emergency situation such as impending repossession or repossession of a car, we can expedite this process. About a month after you file, you will certainly be required to attend a Lender Fulfilling. Lastly, if there are no unexpected missteps, a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy can be complete within a couple of months (usually concerning 90 days).
Call Gregory K. Stern, P.C. Bankruptcy as well as Foreclosure Attorneys for Chicago Currently.
For greater than Three Decade, the office of Gregory K. Stern, P.C. Bankruptcy and Repossession Attorneys has been helping individuals of Chicago deal with personal bankruptcies, repossessions, and also financial obligation restructuring. We offer a complimentary first consultation and also there is no responsibility. Call us now to schedule a check out.

Caras Writes about Truck Accidents in Chicago

Drivers and also guests in automobiles as well as motorbikes are specifically prone in collisions involving huge trucks because of the weight distinction between the two types of cars. Vehicles weigh an average of 3,500 extra pounds, while huge commercial trucks (known as semis, eighteen wheelers, and also tractor-trailers) can weigh approximately 80,000 extra pounds with their loads. In car-truck accidents, 98 percent of the fatalities were individuals of the automobile. Caras Law Group are Chicago slip and fall attorney and can help.

The size as well as weight of trucks also influences how they communicate with cars. Large trucks take longer to quit, are prone to rollovers and also jackknifing, require even more space to earn turns, and also have huge unseen areas. In unsafe conditions, the trailers can sometimes turn out right into the lanes of other automobiles. We are Chicago truck accident lawyers that can help.

As a result of their inherent dangers to individuals in traveler vehicles as well as motorbikes, large commercial vehicles are managed by government interstate trucking security regulations in addition to by Illinois regulations.

Trucking Accident Effects Victims of trucking mishaps can receive life-altering injuries such as:

– Severe Fractures & Orthopedic Injuries
– Brain damage
– Spinal cord injuries & paralysis
– Disfigurement & Burn injuries
– Loss of bodily functions

Having a mishap that includes a vehicle could be a life-altering experience. It can be ruining– specifically if one or more of the participants of your automobile were eliminated or seriously injured in the mishap. For more info about  – pedestrian accidents – click here

When a tractor trailer or vehicle collisions into your car, the probabilities are stacked greatly against those riding in the vehicle. They will likely sustain some sort of physical or psychological injury because of this. At minimum, having a crash with a truck will certainly usually leave the passengers of the car seriously influenced and looking for medical, lawful and financial assistance.

If you have actually been associated with a vehicle accident, it is necessary that you take all of the essential actions to make certain the very best emotional, physical and financial result for you and your travelers. Call Caras Law Group today for a free appointment as well as situation analysis. Dean Caras as well as his associates have years of experience in dealing with trucking accident cases as well as will function in order to help you in the healing process.

If you have been involved in a trucking accident that was triggered by one more individual’s neglect or carelessness, one of the most important thing you can do is talk with a proficient accident attorney.

Truck Driver Fatigue

Truck driver tiredness and also drowsiness are problems that lead to reckless habits such as failing to keep in the proper lane and also escaping the roadway. Exhausted truckers are of such concern that in April of 2003, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) instituted brand-new hrs of service regulations to curb truckers’ troubles with tiredness. While these regulations have actually helped reduce the variety of mishaps, the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board still blames vehicle driver fatigue as a possible factor in 20-40% of vehicle collisions.

Rest deprival hinders a person’s capacity to execute a variety of tasks, including those related to owning and running devices. Typically a truck driver’s exhaustion is triggered by poor day-to-day sleep, instead of a full absence of rest. A truck driver’s extensive hrs of procedure could produce a circumstance of continual rest starvation by restricting a motorist’s daily rest.

When industrial drivers end up being worn down from extreme everyday as well as once a week job hrs, they significantly boost the threat of collisions that cause fatality or major injuries. Yet regardless of this significant danger to public safety and security, regulation is often introduced to Congress that requests much longer hrs of service for the trucking industry.

On January 4, 2004 the brand-new government chauffeurs’ hours-of-service guidelines ended up being efficient for Interstate drivers of commercial motor vehicles based on Title 49, Code of Federal Regulations (49 CFR) Part 395. Specifically, the legislation increased the variety of hrs truck drivers are allowed to run in a 24 hr duration. The legislation allows Interstate truck drivers to own 11 hrs in a work period, forbid owning after 14 hrs since coming on-duty, and also need at least 10 consecutive hours off-duty to re-qualify for a brand-new work period.

While considerable initiative is being invested to additionally regulate as well as restrict the number of hrs medical professionals can work in order to shield person health, drivers are not provided the very same factor to consider as Congress continues to boost the hrs of service for the vehicle sector.

With miles and miles of freeway extending prior to them, the longer truckers could drive the better the potential income for vehicle business. The ordinary trucker drives 125,000 miles a year, which’s on the reduced end of a standard. Trucking revenues totaled $610 billion in 2014 and also profits are anticipated to nearly double by 2015. It is easy to see how profit can encourage truckers to drive better for longer hrs, with much shorter breaks, to increase their revenue.

Nonetheless, earnings is not the only element influencing vehicle driver exhaustion. A truck driver could be anxious to obtain home for the weekend break, or ‘press through’ to prevent web traffic snarls during heavy traffic. Truck companies might offer a driver incentive for additional quits, or the motorist could be attempting to offset time lost as a result of negative weather or website traffic.

Since there might be a number of elements affecting a motorist’s hrs of service, The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration calls for that chauffeurs as well as service providers maintain logs, expense invoices, and also various other documents that track their conformity with existing Hours of Service laws. Nonetheless, in order for existing laws to deter dangerous behavior they must be correctly applied.

Kenneth Mead, U.S. Transportation Department examiner general, testified April 5 prior to the Senate Commerce Committee on transport security programs. “We have actually performed criminal investigations of outright instances where trucking company officials have actually been prosecuted for systematically requiring their drivers to own well in excess of the limits,” Mead testified.

Log publication as well as hrs guidelines require enhancing since dishonest service providers as well as vehicle drivers view offenses as “the price of operating,” he said. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration rescinded a proposition that would have required on-board recorders as enforcement evidence. Ever since, courts have actually purchased the company to evaluate that decision.

Inning accordance with the American Trucking Association (ATA), in 2003 large vehicles hauled the majority of all freight transferred in the United States– over 9 billion bunches. With an ever before enhancing variety of tractor trailers on our roads, motorist fatigue is a public safety and security issue. We need to mandate and implement reasonable hrs of service (HOS) limitations for the security of all drivers.

Chicago Criminal Defense Lawyers win Class X Case


Chicago Criminal Defense Lawyer Wins Cases



When authorities enter someone’s residence without a search warrant, the anticipation is that such an entrance is illegal. Under many circumstances, any kind of proof confiscated as a result of that sort of entry will certainly be “subdued”. That basically means that the instance cannot be prosecuted further and will certainly be disregarded said Robert Callahan – criminal attorney

In a recent situation, the Supreme Court laid out just how the Constitution secures every U.S. citizen from unlawful searches and seizures. The court mentioned: “The principal wickedness against which the Fourth Amendment is guided is physical entrance right into the residence.” Click here for more information about top criminal defense attorney chicago

Our most current termination is an archetype of how heavy handed search tactics by authorities could in some cases backfire on them. A large quantity of drug, ecstasy and marijuana were all ruled inadmissible as a result of a warrantless entry into an apartment. Call Robert J. Callahan – a federal criminal defense attorney chicago

In 2014 cops replied to a sound problem at an apartment on the north side of Chicago. It was obvious that an event was going on when the policemans knocked on the door. When NT responded to the door, police officers can scent a solid odor of shedding marijuana originating from inside. They asked NT to turn the music down, and he said he would right away. NT after that attempted to shut the door. Among the policemans stuck his first step, and also forced his way right into the apartment or condo. Inside they recuperated over 200 euphoria pills, numerous extra pounds of marijuana, and over 50 grams of drug from NT’s pocket.

We submitted an activity to subdue proof as well as the court conducted a hearing in May 2017.

Throughout the hearing, the officer affirmed that he never placed his foot in the door. He stated that after scenting cannabis, he simply “jabbed his head inside” and glanced down the hall. He asserted he after that saw several mason containers consisting of cannabis. Consequently, he placed NT under arrest as well as browsed the house.

It is not unusual for police officers to minimize misbehavior or even exist to try to legitimize a negative (unconstitutional) apprehension. With great preparation, study, and also audio cross-examination, we can normally beat such actions, and that’s what happened here.

The judge agreed with our evaluation of the Constitutional legislation. We argued that even “jabbing your head inside” was an infraction against the 4th amendment and also NT’s civil liberties. The court subdued all the taken evidence and also the situation was rejected.